Sprocket and Chain for Motorcycles and ATV's
The Worlds Longest Wearing Sprocket
Precision Engineered and Laser Cut for Balance and Performance
The Widest Choice of Materials in the Industry
The Only Lifetime Guaranteed Sprocket in the World
Sidewinder Sprockets Make All Other Sprockets Obsolete !!!!
All New Smart Motorcycle Chain
The Motorcycle & ATV Chain that Self Lubricates
Big Power Gains and Much Longer Life   
A remarkable, technical achievement by Krause/Sidewinder engineers has resulted
in a clever chain that transfers maximum power by virtually eliminating drag and
friction. This ingenious new design is called “
Smart Chain II.”  Utilizing the new
patented V-series,
SR-51 saturated Smart O-Rings, this new “Smart Chain II” from
Krause/Sidewinder gives the motocross, off-road, and ATV rider no more need to compromise.  
Aluminum Sprockets
Also Hardened Heat Treated Billet Aircraft Aluminum
Where minimum weight and the availability of colors are the priority, Billet AircraftAlloy is the premium
material and basic aluminum is the slightly lesser-expensive choice.  Krause/Sidewinder pioneered most
of the innovations in these designs over the past 30 years and continues to offer these product lines
Motorcycle chain and Sprocket Kits
Matched Balanced Drive System Packages
Up and Downsize or Stock Size
Krause Racing / Sidewinder Products is the #1 source in the drive system industry for upsize and downsize
sprocket and chain conversion kits. Krause builds these matched, custom made, kits for Street, Dirt, Race, and
general Off Road applications. Sidewinder provides these power improving sets for both Motorcycles and ATV's.
All kits are complete with front sprocket, rear sprocket and matching chains.
Custom Motorcycle and ATV Sprockets
Any Color with New Powder-Coating Service
Krause Racing / Sidewinder Products can custom engineer and produce any type and
size sprocket you can dream up. Lead times are usually only two to three weeks for most
customs. all sprockets are precision laser-cut to extremely close tolerances.

Krause Racing's Sidewinder Products

Titanium II Lifetime Guaranteed Sprockets
Guaranteed For Life To Never Wear Out
"The last sprocket you may ever have to buy" " It Will Save You Money"
Titanium II is the top of our quality line of sprockets. We guarantee it for life.  
Titanium II sprockets are 6 times the hardness of aluminum and
3 times harder than stainless steel. Titanium II sprockets are the  lightest non-aluminum
sprockets made. Precision laser-cut to extremely close tolerances.  Proven to withstand
150+ horsepower Sand Rails and Dragsters.
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Free Technical Information from one of the veteran tech-heads in the
Motorcycle Industry.  Vic Krause (the original Mr. Know-It-All of Dirt Bike
Magazine) has authored a series of “How-To.....” articles guaranteed to
shed new light on many topics of interest to the owner/rider/mechanic.  
These short articles are provided gratis as a courtesy to our visitors as a
way to say thanks" for forty fantastic years of fun, adventure, bizarre and
irreplaceable friends and customers and a few bucks along the way.

Vic Krause as
Mr Know It All conducting a Tech Siminar
Sidewinder's Upsize and Downsize Chain Conversion kits
Sidewinder's custom made sprockets are unreal.
Sidewinder's Billet Aircraft Aluminum Alloy Sprocket come in colors too
Titanium I Motorcycle and ATV Sprockets
10 Years of Production with No Failures
Ti-Moly is Virtually Indestructable
Ti-Moly is the pinnacle of our quality line of sprockets. Krause/Sidewinder
Ti-Moly  sprockets are the lightest non-aluminum sprockets made with
6 times the hardness of aluminum and 3 times harder than stainless steel.
Krause Racing's Sidewinder Smart Chain II
Titanium II Lifetime Guaranteed Sprockets
Krause Racing's sidewinder Sprocket's Titanium / Ti-moly  Sprockets
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